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I purchased this foiler from my Local supplier “Merry -Go Round Stained Glass” in Ft Worth in November of last year (2010). I have been very pleased with the foiler. I have trouble using just my hands to foil glass because my fingers are so large so the table foiler made this easier. If you follow the set up instructions it is easy to start using. The table foiler cut the time needed to apply the foil to my glass work to about a 1/3 of the time I would normally need. I was working on three projects for Christmas and would not have finished them if I hadn’t had the table foiler. The foiler comes with 3 wheels that will allow you to use three sizes of foil. I would recommend this to any one that does Stained glass work. 
I purchased the Grinder Cookie at “Merry – Go Round Stained Glass “in Ft. Worth in 2010. I had been having trouble keeping my pieces of glass close to the grinding head when fitting the pieces for my panels. The grinding cookie is used to apply pressure to the side of the glass piece opposite the grinder head, without cutting your fingers. It has a rubber ring around the base of the cookie the grips the glass and a wide base that rests on the table of your grinder. It has a knob on top so that you can hold the cookie flat on the table of your grinder.  It has been a great help because I have large fingers that make it hard to hold small pieces.

Great for running difficult  inside curves. Center the score line in the "window" and gently squeeze.   You can see the score "run" as you apply pressure.

DichroSlide (TM)
by Vernelle Blue
DichroSlide is a product used in fusing. It is similar to dichroic glass in that metal oxides are used.  The difference is that the oxides are sprayed on a decal medium instead of glass.  You can cut it, use decorative punches, etc. and place on any COE glass. There are advantages and disadvantages to this product.  It is a decal.  You put it in water to remove the paper backing.  Slide it onto your glass and fuse.  It can be capped or not.  You have to be careful that it doesn’t flip over in the water or fold as you remove the film. If you prefer the “pop” in appearance of dichroic, you will not like this product.  But if you like a softer look you will like it.   To see ways to use Dichro Slide that dichroic glass could not be used, go to their web site:

Digital Concepts Portable Lighting Studio
by Glenna Wooten
I think this is a great low cost way of taking great photos of you art work.  Much less expensive (as low as $50 on ebay) than others.  This lightweight, easy-to-use compact lighting studio has everything you need to take professional-quality photos  Small enough for your tabletop, the studio includes a fold-up light box, 2 lights and a mini tripod, all which fit into a 2-pocket nylon carry case for portability.

The New Mica Powder
by Scott Peterson
Mica is the name of a group of naturally occurring Earth's minerals which are mined from around the world, purified, and crushed into fine powders. Some of these powders (sparkle white) are derived from the mineral Muscovite Mica which grows in layers and is ground to create these pearly translucent powders. Mica has a high reflective quality and is prized for its shimmery, pearlescent sheen. For this reason, it works best in products where it can get a lot of light, such as transparent glass. You can apply the mica the same as you would apply powder glass or you can mix it with glass glue and paint with it. For most applications the mica must be caped with a transparent glass in order to keep your original design, however I have found that some of it will stick to surface glass at tack fusing temps. I have never taken this product past 1475 .F. Remember a little goes a long way. In my opinion this is a great product that can set an artist apart from the norm.

Taurus 3 Ring Saw
by Kathy Barnett
The great thing about this saw is that glass can be cut from 360 degrees. The Taurus 3 is a much lower maintenance saw than the Taurus 2; however, it comes with a standard  blade, which I found takes a larger groove out than I really wanted, when cutting jewelry.  When I purchased the slim blade; it had too much give and the cut was not exactly where I wanted.  The remedy to this is to purchase the Taurus Blade Stabilizer.  This stabilizer keeps the ring blade from moving and cuts the smaller groove which I was wanting, it also now comes standard with the Taurus 3.  The blades are a little pricey; but, I would buy another one if given the chance.

Mac Glue©
by Vicki Day
A Family-Owned Product! Unable to find a suitable glue for her mosaic glass art, local mosaic artist, Tina McIntire, sought out a chemist who would listen to her and understand her needs. Tina needed a glue that would dry quickly and very clear, because of the transparency of stained glass.They came up with a glue that far exceeded her needs. A truly versatile adhesive, Mac Glue©, works quickly to create a strong bond whether used with glass, metal, leather, wood, plastic or fabric. This glue does not discolor and dries completely clear (important when working with transparent materials). Mac Glue© is non-toxic; so it can be safely used by children. This glue is perfect for Schools and Scout Troops.

Sal Ammoniac Block
by Vicki Day
If you do not have a Sal Ammoniac Block, you really should buy one.  It is inexpensive and will keep your iron tips in good working order.  Use it to tin your iron when it is new and to keep it new-looking/working when it is not.  Use it to remove one type of solder before switching to another and then back again. (such as going from 60-40 to a Lead-free Solder, etc.) To use it: heat up your iron, brush flux over the block, wipe your hot iron back and forth on all sides over the block to clean it. The iron will smoke and smell; so, stand back a bit. (Use in a well ventilated area.) Then wipe your iron on a very wet natural sponge. It will instantly look and perform a lot better.  And . . . do not forget to loosen the knurled nut that holds your tip on.  Pull the tip out every now and then so that it does not fuse itself to the iron; making it hard or impossible to replace when the time comes. (Just do not forget to re-tighten before plugging back in.)

Aqua Flow System for glass grinders
by Tina Bush
The Aqua Flow System uses a bristle brush to replace your sponge that provides water for grinding.  Conventional sponges suffer from sludge build up in the pores of the sponge, causing clogging.  This occurs repeatedly, making it necessary to continuously clean the sponge.  These tasks are cumbersome, messy and inconvenient.  With the Aqua Flow System anti-clog technology, water is allowed to flow continuously; this draws sludge away from the grinding bit.  With conventional sponges, water needs to be added every 10 - 15 minutes after grinding has commenced, due to dry out.  With the Aqua Flow System, the brush bristles do not absorb water and sludge, nor do they dry-out; this eliminates the need for constant cleaning and hydration. The life of your diamond-grinding bit will be prolonged; this is because the microtubular brush bristles constantly clean the grinder head, while supplying water continuously.  This feature maximizes the life of the grinding bit; ultimately saving you money on replacement.  An equally important advantage of the Aqua-Flow System is its self-locking snap-in holder.  Once the Aqua Flow System is inserted, it will not detach as conventional sponges do.  You will no longer need to search for the trajectory sponge.  The Aqua Flow System is available for all the popular grinder models.  I have an Inland that I have the Aqua Flow on; I would never go back to a sponge. They should put Aqua Flow on every new grinder that is sold.  Excellent item and I would certainly recommend adding this item to your grinder today!http://www.glasshopperpatterns.comhttp://www.glasshopperpatterns.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
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