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Pat Donaldson now lives in Texas after many years of moving about the country and living in many areas of the United States with a military husband. She was always creative and interested in art. Her parents always made sure she had art supplies when she was a child in order to allow her to express her ideas. They always encouraged her efforts.

As a young mother, she put her art to the side and concentrated on taking care of her children and home. Moving from one area to another, frequently at intervals of 18 months, didn't give her too much time for the "creative juices" to flow.

When the kids left home, she was free to begin her art again. In 1999 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she discovered a safe haven in her paintings. During chemo, it took her out of herself and into more pleasant places. Several years later, she discovered GLASS! Glass allowed her another venue for her creativity. She loves making jewelry and watching the magic of fused glass. Lampworking and slumping offer her even more opportunities. Pat is enjoying the blossoming of all these efforts and looks forward each day to discovering something new. She has a hard time deciding whether to paint, fuse, wire wrap or walk outside in her garden and enjoy her koi pond. So much to enjoy and such short days!


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