Karen Compton

Email:  glassartist2@hotmail.com

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My fascination with pattern and forms in nature is reflected in my artwork.  I am especially influenced by the intricate patterns and textures found in plants and a variety of forms of sea life.  So many times the simple patterns of life and the feelings/sensations that they cause are taken for granted and overlooked.  In my art, I hope to bring aspects of these details to the viewers’ attention and senses.  With my organic shapes and the forms that the glass takes, I can explore this wide vocabulary and, at the same time, hopefully create an object that is pleasing to the viewer.

       Because my work reflects different shapes, patterns and textures, I have been working on a small scale, with many glass parts assembled together, constructing each sculptural form much like the pieces of a puzzle.  After all, isn’t life rather like a puzzle with everyone attempting to find how it is that they fit into it?

       Not only do I enjoy blown glass sculpture, I also enjoy fused glass projects and lampworked glass --  I guess I just love glass!!  It can be cold and hard, soft and pretty, hot, smooth, textured, frosted, transparent, opaque, angry and evil, bright and happy; and did I mention the colors?!  Ohhhh, all the beautiful colors!!!  What a great media!!!

Karen was born and raised in the state of Illinois, obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Art with a concentration in studio arts - blown glass from Illinois State University.  She studied under the direction of Jack Wax, currently Associate Professor of glass at Virginia Commonwealth University; Gary Justis, Associate Professor of sculpture at Illinois State University; and Lance Friedman, Shatter Glass Studio and Instructor at the School Of The Art Institute of Chicago.  These instructors have greatly influenced her art and the way she perceives her work. While a student, Karen was fortunate to have observed demonstrations by visiting artists some of which included Joel Philip Myers, Richard Marquis, Kathy Elliot and Ben Edols.  One of Karen’s favorite places to go is SOFA Chicago, held at Navy Pier in Chicago, where she has attended lectures by Paul Stankard, Dale Chihuly, Marvin Lipofsky, and Lino Tagliapietra as well as demonstrations by the Corning Museum of Glass.  Karen says that glass is a wonderful “addiction” -- once you have been exposed to the endless possibilities of the media, you’re hooked!


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