If you've got the bug for lampworking,
but don't know enough about it to jump in with both feet, or perhaps you are on a tight budget, the Hot Head Torch Kit is for you. All you need to add is a MAPP Gas bottle, obtained from your local hardware store (usually for under $10.00), a few tools, and some glass rods. We(Arrow Springs) recommend the Basic Beginning Tool Kit from this page, or shop the web site and get only the tools you want. In addition, one of the rod assortments, also available on this page, makes for an easy way to learn what your favorite colors will be. (from the Arrow Springs site)

Possible Sources for supplies:  A local shop in Southlake

Sources for information:  Our local chapter of ISGB  International Society of Glass Beadmakers   A great source of free tutorials, used equipment, and a place to get a specific question answered.

Information about supplies to get started. This is from the Arrow Springs Web site. The other sources have comparable supplies.

Hot Head Torch Kit
For Beginners

Hot Head Torch $39.95
Graphite Torch Pad $25.00
Hot Head Holder and Workstation $28.00
Triple Flint Spark Lighter $4.75

$97.70 Regular Price

$87.93 Kit Price Part # KIT-HOTHEAD
$9.77 Savings

Minor Burner Kit

Minor Burner $188.00
Graphite Torch Pad $25.00
¼ x 12½' BB Grade T Hose Set $35.00
Propane Regulator $105.00 US/$75.00 Import
Oxygen Regulator $105.00 US/$75.00 Import
Triple Flint Spark Lighter $4.75
With American Regulators
$462.75 Regular Price
$416.48 Kit Price Part # KIT-MINR-U2
$46.27 Savings

Basic Beginning Tool Kit 1
ACE Light Filtering Eyewear $45.00
1 Dozen 3/32" x 12" Mandrels $8.50
1 Dozen 1/16" x 12" Mandrels $6.50
Dip-n-Go Mandrel Release $7.00
1½" x 2½" Graphite Paddle $14.00
7" Angled Soft Point Tweezers $3.50
10" Blunt Tweezers $5.50
Stainless Steel Rake $6.00
Rod Rest $7.00
6" x 6" x ¼" Graphite Pad $25.00
Aluminum Shaping Marver $8.50
Holy Roller $6.50
Ceramic Fiber Blanket $10.00
Diamond Bead Hole Cleaner and Dresser $7.50
Book - You Can Make Glass Beads! $11.95

$172.45 Regular Price
$146.58 Kit Price Part # KIT-TOOL1
$25.87 Savings

Effetre (Moretti) Starter Assortment-this is good, but it is more fun to pick your own colors.

$39.95 Part # EFF-START

The perfect beginning assortment of the most popular COE 104 soft glass. 76 rods in 35 colors. Every rod is labeled for easy identification.
This isn’t as much fun as picking out your own colors but it works.

Safety Tips: Before you begin, ISGB has an excellent pdf file on safety

Safety: About Ventilation

Posted on July 22, 2010 by patfrantz

Ventilation is an aspect of lampworking that doesn’t get discussed enough and is a very important component to lampworking safety.

Fumes form when the surface of glass is strongly heated in a flame. Although the amount of material volatilized in flameworking is smaller than when the glass is originally batched and melted, the exposure times can be long, so good exhaust is important in flameworking.  All soft glass colors are giving off some amount of hazardous fumes when melted, which mix with the fumes of the burning fuels that are used to power a lampworking torch and this should be addressed by every lampworker who is melting glass.

There are an ever growing number of highly silvered 104 C.O.E. boutique glass colors available on the market these days and I think it is very important to understand the hazards of using these products in an improperly vented environment.  Using these silvered glass colors in a flame, you are liberating the metal fumes that give these glass colors their remarkable characteristics which are very similar to doing fuming with gold or silver.   Gold and silver fuming in a lampworking flame is a highly toxic working situation and should never be done in an environment that is not properly vented.

Good exhaust is needed for every lampworking station. The draft should be away from you, and cooling air should not disrupt the air flow of the exhaust. A smoke test is a simple way to verify that air flows are correct.  To do a smoke test to check the effectiveness of a venting system involves lighting a combustible substance that produces enough smoke to allow you to view the speed and amount of air flow through the venting system being tested.  The smoke should be aggressively drawn directly into the venting system without rolling back into the lampworkers face.  (Copied from the Frantz Art Glass Web Site)

A great reference for setting up a ventilation system:

Places for Classes:

Kittrell Riffkind in Dallas They offer classes and also sell equipment, glass, tools, and supplies.

Jennifer Naylor  She offers class in Eagle Mt. Lake.

Vetro  They offer classes in Grapevine

Wired Up Beads  They offer classes and also sell equipment, glass, tools, and supplies  in Southlake.

Today’s demo: a butterfly similar to the ones that we make for Beads of Courage©

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