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Framing a Glass Panel

Tools Needed:

  1. A.Plastic Miter box with saw: Home Depot - $14.95

  2. B.Power Miter Box: 10” compound miter – Harbor Freight- $89.99

  3. C.Fixed Base Router:  2hp fixed base router – Harbor Freight- $49.99

  4. D.Bench top Router table: bench top router with 1 ¾ hp router- Harbor Freight- $109.00

  5. E.Router Bit set : 15pc- Harbor Freight - $37.99

  6. F.Corner Clamps – Home Depot - $8.49

  7. G.Electric Brad Nailer - Home Depot – $59.97

  8. H.Wood Glue: Titebond III – Home Depot - $7.97

  9. I.12oz Hammer: Estwing curved claw – Home Depot – $19.99

  10. J.Frame Board (large piece of plywood with a smaller square of plywood attached just off one of the corners with screws) – Made with extra material in shop.  Got idea from


  1. A.Decide type of wood that you want to use as your frame.

  2. B.Determine the length and width of the panel.

  3. C.Route one edge of the board using the rabbit bit, this will be the back of the frame.

  4. D.Cut one end of the board at a 45% angle where the rabbit is on the inside of the angle.

  5. E.Place the board on the panel and mark where the board will meet at the corner of the panel.

  6. F.Cut the board in the opposite direction from the other end.

  7. G.Repeat on the other 3 sides of the panel.

  8. H.Route the outside edges of the frame material with router bit that you choose.

  9. I.I usually use a round-over or cove bit to route the inside edge of the front of the frame.  

  10. J.Using wood glue, cover the end of the boards that will be attached to each other, with a generous amount of glue and let it soak in. (This is the end grain of the wood and will be very porous)

  11. K.Place these pieces in a corner clamp or on the frame board, so that they make a perfect 90% angle.

  12. L. Use brad nailer and place two brads in the side edge of the frame.

  13. M. Repeat with the other two sides of the frame and then put the two L together.

  14. N. Sand and finish.

  15. O.When placing the glass panel in the frame:

  16. 1.Use either silicon adhesive with a small nail or push point 

  17. 2. You might use a piece of ¼ round to hold the panel in the frame.

  18. 3. When using silicon allow it to dry before hanging.

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